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United States
Hi! I'm a teenage identical twin. I love drawing, both traditionally and digitally! :]

Requests, commissions - open closed by Angi-Shy
I haven't done one of these in forever! When I saw :iconsekereto-san: post a KagePro one, I decided to fill it out. :] (Spoilers- I'm Shintaro all the way.)


[/] You're often the leader in groups.

[x] You're flat-chested.  

[x] You have long hair.

[x] You always listen to music. Wherever you go.

[x] You get scared easily.

[x] You hate roller coasters.

[ ] You have a friend who makes you peeved most of the time. 

[ ] You used to have a rich family.

[x] You get ignored easily.

[x] Your default face scares people.

Total = 7.5


[ ] You're always smiling.

[x] Sometimes, you're protective over a certain someone.

[x] You love any kinds of animals. 

[ ] You love nature.

[x] Your phone is white.

[ ] Your favorite color is green.

[ ] You're a kind-hearted person.

[ ] You can make friends easily. 

[ ] You worked as a florist before. 

[ ] You love to explore.  

Total = 3


[ ] You're two-faced.

[/] You often lie.

[x] You love to make fun of your friends. (i'm terrible)

[/] You're blunt sometimes.

[x] People can make you laugh easily.

[ ] You can trick others easily. 

[ ] You have an aloof personality.

[ ] You would always smile/smirk wherever you go. 

[x] You have blonde hair.

[ ] You like masks.

Total = 4


[x] You cry easily.

[x] You have a low stamina.

[x] You feel guilty easily. 

[x] You freak out a lot.

[x] You're a very shy person.

[/] You're short. (well, average)

[x] You're very clumsy.

[x] At most times, you're dependant on a certain friend of yours. 

[ ] You're a Fujoshi/Support yaoi.

[ ] Your favorite anime is/used to be Kuroshitsuji. 

Total = 7.5


[ ] You're always the head of attention.

[ ] You can sing. 

[ ] You want to be an idol.

[/] You almost drowned.

[ ] You usually tie your hair to a side tail. 

[x] You often wear a hoodie. (why is this on Momo? She actually rarely wears a hoodie...)

[x]  You usually have no friends.

[ ] You have a taste in fashion. 

[x] You fail your biology test. (MEEE)

[ ] You have big cleavage. 

Total = 3.5


[x] You're a hikkomori 

[ ] You're a NEET.  

[x] You had someone close to you, died. (SEVERAL)

[x] You have an apathetic personality. 

[x] You regret things easily.

[x] You're easy to annoy.

[x] You would die without the internet.

[ ] You compose music. (I can play the piano and violin. Classy.)

[x] You dislike roller coasters and haunted houses.

[x] You have an obsession with carbonated drinks. (YES)

Total = 8


[ ] You're a naive/cheeky person.

[ ] You like to prank and annoy people. 

[ ] You oftenly tie your hair to twin-tails style.

[x] You used to be crabby. (well, still)

[/] You get sick easily. (I think I'm lactose intolerant)

[ ] You're extremely noisy.

[x] You have a crush on your classmate. (cry EVERYTIME. Yuukei Yesterday is basically my song)

[ ] Your innocent friend often annoys you.

[/]  You have blue eyes. (kind of? they're bluish greenish yellowish. nasty.)

[/] You're an expert at playing certain games. (Harry Potter)

Total = 3.5


[ ] You're the shortest among your friends.

[ ] You own a sleeveless hoodie and often wear it.

[x]  You get scared by road accidents. (I'm scared of everything)

[/] Someone close to you has died in a road accident. (well, my mom's dad, before I was born, but I'm named after him so we're kind of 'close'...)

[x] You're mature.

[/] You used to stalk a certain person. (I guess so)

[ ] You have brown eyes. 

[/] Your favorite vegetable is a pumpkin. 

[x] You think your name is weird. 

[ ] You can see things far away. 

Total = 4.5


[/] You play baseball. (I did)

[/] You fall asleep easily.

[ ] You love barbecue.

[ ] You tie your hair to a ponytail.

[ ] You don't care much about other people's thoughts.  

[x] You get sick easily.

[x] You love drawing. 

[ ] You're sadistic.

[ ] You're two-faced.

[ ] You like to watch people suffer.

Total = 3


[ ] You love snakes. 

[/] You like the Medusa folklore. (well, only as far as Azami's my favorite character heh)

[/] You're pretty short.

[ ] You hate humans.

[ ] Your favorite word is 'xxx' 

[ ] Your birthday falls on August. 

[x] You can be caring if you want.

[x] You have long, curly hair. (not as long as hers of course)

[ ]  You like red ribbons. 

[ ] You like black cats. 

Total = 3


[ ] You bring happiness to most people.

[ ] You love to smile.

[ ] You often wear a red scarf around. 

[ ] You attempted suicide. 

[ ] You make paper cranes. 

[ ] Your mom died.

[ ] You're a cheerful person. And you're always smiling and having fun.

[x] You often call yourself 'stupid'.

[/] You often score low grades. 

[x] You have a crush on your classmate.  

Total = 2.5


[x] You get tired easily.

[/] You're a kind, and a stern person.

[ ] You're a/used to work as a teacher.

[ ] You would always do anything to get what you wanted. 

[/] You lost your family.

[ ]  You have brown hair and black eyes.

[x] You wear glasses. 

[x] You're often portrayed as the bad guy.

[ ] You get bored easily.

[ ] You lack sleep.

Total = 4


[ ] You almost/got into a road accident. 

[x] You're young.

[ ] You used to have a stalker.

[ ] You own a pet cat. 

[/] You hate summer.

[x] You love the city.

[ ] You're active and stubborn. 

[x] You have a sister. 

[ ] You have pigtailed hair. 

[ ] You wear a pink dress.  

Total = 3.5

So I'm Shintaro! Well, I am his Myers-Briggs type (INTJ).
  • Listening to: Marina and the Diamonds
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer' Stone by JK Rowling
  • Watching: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, Haikyuu!!, Legend of Kor

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- The one who looks like a giant frog is Member #2 Seto!
- The white fluffy one is Mary-chan, Member #4!
- The girl over there is Momo, Member #5, you might know her as an idol too.
- The one that is on the screen is Ene, Member #6!
- The one with that red sweater is Shintaro, Member #7!
- The little kid is Hibiya, Member #8!
- The quiet one that is eating BBQ in the background is Konoha, Member#9!
- Last but not least, I'm Member #3, Kano!
- We've also got our own Steam Community too! O(≧▽≦)O 
- We avoid the Police's eyes and infiltrate dangerous facilities to borrow various things... (^ω^) 
- Ah, Crap...
- Ouch! ☆⌒(>。≪) 

- You're talking too much again!!! (#`д´)ノ 

- Since you've discovered our secret, we can't let you leave...

- Sorry it's all the Idiot's Fault (ノ´д`) 
- Welcome new member, but you have no right to refuse.
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